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At Conservas CONDOR the concept of quality lies not only in manufactured products or in the record of the same over time: the idea of quality also, and equally, lies in manufacturing processes, in relationships with our customers, in the dealing with our suppliers and all those actors who daily come in contact with our business reality, thanks to a group of people and modern technologies, oriented to continuous improvement


Implementation of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP) in Conservas CONDOR takes place in 1998.

The HACCP system, which is science based and systematic, identifies specific hazards and measures for their control to ensure the safety of our products. It is a tool to assess hazards and establish control systems that focus on prevention rather than relying mainly on end product testing.

For the application of HACCP to be successful, in Conservas CONDOR both management and staff are committed and fully involved.



EAN 128

This product coding system, implemented in Conservas CONDOR since 2006, has allowed us to extend to our customers the internal traceability system Conservas CONDOR had developed in previous years, in order to ensure all our distributors to lower management costs in the traceability of our products.

For this reason, all CONDOR products show on their packaging a label with EAN128 barcode, which can be identified through infrared technology readers by the computer system of our clients, enabling them to comply with current legislation in traceability issue without much management cost."


Conservas CONDOR belongs directly to the "Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Conservas de Pescado y Mariscos" since 2006.

The presence within this association, considered the most important representative at European level of the processing seafood sector, allows us to have direct access to information on all subjects affecting the world of global fisheries and any regulatory change that may influence the course of our operations.


Sensitive to all issues related to the environment, Conservas CONDOR participates since 1998 in the Dolphin Safe Program sponsored by Earth Island Institute. Adherence to this program ensures that all CONDOR products are made from fish obtained through selective fishing gear that does not endanger the lives of dolphins.

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