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CONDOR brand represents our origins on the field of traditional high quality preserved fish . This mark is, within the company, the one wich currently represents the largest number of references and at the same time, it wants to communicate family tradition and craft tradition behind our products.

The range of products branded CONDOR is, in terms of species of fish and liquid medium used, large and heterogeneous but it is dominated by formats oriented to the channel of hotels and restaurant, more than those for the end consumer.

However, the raw material coupled with absolutely handicraft production make CONDOR products are PREMIUM


COSTA VASCA is the brand that Zizzo Billante Hermanos S.A., due to know-how accumulated throughout its history, has decided to launch in 2006.

COSTA VASCA wants to be from a conceptual standpoint, the perfect synthesis between a handmade product based on the Basque canning tradition and, on the other hand, a modern  product capable of meeting hedonistic and healthy needs of today's consumer.

COSTA VASCA brand products are mainly seen in smaller formats, targeted to the final consumer and, in terms of packaging, facilitate distribution work of the traditional retail channel operators.

Anyway, also in this case, the raw material coupled with absolutely handicraft production make COSTA VASCA products are PREMIUM