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 Mutriku Township is located at the western end of the coast of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Autonomous Community. To the west it borders the municipalities of Biscay Ondarroa and Berriatua, to the southwest Marquina, to the east and the south it borders respectively Gipuzkoa municipalities Deba and Mendaro . The Cantabrian Sea washes its rugged north coast, in a constant flow of cliffs, skipped by the beaches of Mutriku and of Saturrarán.

Conservas CONDOR is placed in this natural paradise equipped with natural resources that provide a high quality to its products.

The company has two plants, one for the preparation of canned tuna and salmon, the other for the manufacture and maturation of anchovy products.


The total area available to the company builts is 4800m2 and in terms of productive capacity can process up to 10 tonnes of fresh fish daily, meeting the health regulations in force at all facilities and with technology necessary for the production of high quality products.